"Even though cruel crimes happen every day, the conscience of the world community remains untouched."

Sylvestre Bisimwa (investigator-in-charge, Bukavu / Berlin) was a lawyer in a mass rape trial committed by the Congolese army in the city of Minova. It is, at present, the only process of this kind. He acts regularly as lawyer for the International Court of Justice in Den Haag.


"BANRO has decided to build a factory and expelled me and my children."

Zilahirwa Chakirwa (witness, Bukavu) is a Priest in the community of Cinjira that had to resettle since the Canadian mining company BANRO has started its operations in the Twangiza territory.


"To deny a population access to drinking water, basic medical supplies and food is also a way to destroy them."

Peter Mugisho Matabishi (witness and expert, Bukavu) is a political activist from Luhwindja. He took the case of BANRO and Twangiza to the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). He considers the concessions from Kinshasa to be land theft.


"It was a Machiavellian manipulation."

Serge Lammens (witness, Berlin) was the administrative director of Somniki, the Belgian mining company that was taken over by BANRO in 1996. He reported that BANRO laid off all 6000 local workers only a few months after they took over of the company.


"BANRO has "impunity "for the entire duration of the mine project."

Raf Custers (expert, Berlin) is a Belgian historian and journalist. In his book “Chasseurs de matières premières” he highlights the history of the Canadian mining company BANRO in South Kivu and the role of the World Bank in the revision of the mining contracts after the Second Congo War.


"The big companies will leave us a soil without resources."

Prince Kihangi (member of the jury, Bukavu) is a lawyer and one of the leading experts on the governance of natural resources in the Great Lakes region. He is the spokesman of the civil association of Walikale (province of North Kivu). Therefore he takes part in all negotiations between the villagers, the government and the big companies from this region. He is considered to be one of the harshest critics of the Dodd-Franck Act.


"International companies want a weak government and a powerless local population."

Vénatie Bismiwa Nabitu (member of the jury, Bukavu) is a human rights activist from Bukavu (Province of South Kivu) and one of the most committed critics of the NGOs, the UN and the big multinational corporations in Africa. She specialized in the field of mass rapes as a war strategy and the continued existence of colonial structures in the current Congolese society.


"The measures to improve mining have ultimately led to fraud."

Zacharie Bulakali (expert) is an expert in artisanal and industrial mining in the DR Congo. He acts as a liaison officer between the local civil society organizations and the Congolese mining authorities. He heads various research projects in the Great Lakes region.