"The Congo Tribunal is at the service of the Congolese people, one of the richest nations in human history."

Milo Rau (artistic director) is an author and artistic director of the International Institute of Political Murder (IIPM) and initiator of the "Congo Tribunal".


"People from Walikale do not profit from the wealth of raw materials."

Witness B (witness, Bukavu) is a former rebel soldier from the Sheka group that controlled the mine of Bisie.


"International companies want a weak government and a powerless local population."

Vénatie Bismiwa Nabitu (member of the jury, Bukavu) is a human rights activist from Bukavu (Province of South Kivu) and one of the most committed critics of the NGOs, the UN and the big multinational corporations in Africa. She specialized in the field of mass rapes as a war strategy and the continued existence of colonial structures in the current Congolese society.