Protection of the civilian population


"There were disagreements in the military command chain."

Jean-Julien Miruho (witness, Bukavu) is Minister of the Interior of South Kivu. He was the only Congolese politician on-site in Mutarule. He declines all government's accountability. According to him, it is a “regrettable dispute about cattle“.


"Mutarule is not the first case of inability, passivity and powerlessness of the UN mission."

Luc Henkinbrant (witness and expert, Bukavu) was the regional director of the MONUSCO-office in Bukavu until 2011. Currently, he works as a professor at the University of Bukavu, leading different research projects on the lack of law enforcement in this region.


"The big companies will leave us a soil without resources."

Prince Kihangi (member of the jury, Bukavu) is a lawyer and one of the leading experts on the governance of natural resources in the Great Lakes region. He is the spokesman of the civil association of Walikale (province of North Kivu). Therefore he takes part in all negotiations between the villagers, the government and the big companies from this region. He is considered to be one of the harshest critics of the Dodd-Franck Act.


"The idea to protect themselves and the community by militias arises in the minds of the people."

Sylvestre Bisimwa (investigator-in-charge, Bukavu / Berlin) is a lawyer in a mass rape trial committed by the Congolese army in the city of Minova. It is, at present, the only process of this kind. He regularly acts as lawyer at the International Court of Justice in Den Haag.


"International companies want a weak government and a powerless local population."

Vénatie Bismiwa Nabitu (member of the jury, Bukavu) is a human rights activist from Bukavu (Province of South Kivu) and one of the most committed critics of the NGOs, the UN and the big multinational corporations in Africa. She specialized in the field of mass rapes as a war strategy and the continued existence of colonial structures in the current Congolese society.


"The competent authorities have not done anything against the extent of the problems, so they have to be replaced."

Jean-Louis Gilissen (chairman of the Tribunal, Bukavu / Berlin) is an international criminal law expert. As a lawyer he took part in a trail against Congolese milita leaders at the International Court of Justice in Den Haag. Furthermore he was involved in the elaboration of an UN-report about Eastern Congo where the situation has been declared as “genocide”.