"According to Congolese law, artisanal and industrial mining may not be under the same concession."

Nadine Lusi (witness, Bukavu) is the development and PR commissioner of the Canadian Alphamin Ressource Corporation. The corporation operates in the mine of Bisie.


"The UN is only as strong as its member states allow it to be."

Linda Polman (witness, Berlin) is one of the most dedicated critics of aid agencies and the peacekeeping missions of the UN (MONUSCO). She criticizes the negative impacts of the NGOs superficial help that prevent any political change in these countries.


"The outdated system of aid organizations leads to dependency and ignores sustainability."

Saran Kaba Jones (member of the jury, Berlin) founder of FACE Africa in 2009, an aid agency, providing several regions in Liberia with drinking water. The Guardian listed her as one of the 25 most successful women in Africa. The World Economic Forum in Davos has chosen her to be the Young Global Leader.


"There is no clear differentiation between perpetrators, spectators and those who are indirectly involved."

Harald Welzer (member of the jury, Berlin) is a social psychologist, founder and director of the non-profit organization “Futurzwei”. He is an honorary professor at the University of Flensburg and an author (“Climate Wars").


"The idea to protect themselves and the community by militias arises in the minds of the people."

Sylvestre Bisimwa (investigator-in-charge, Bukavu / Berlin) is a lawyer in a mass rape trial committed by the Congolese army in the city of Minova. It is, at present, the only process of this kind. He regularly acts as lawyer at the International Court of Justice in Den Haag.