"My mobile phone is produced in China, and because of the lack of transparency, you will never know if it is made from conflict minerals."

Judith Sargentini (expert, Berlin) is a Dutch politician of the GroenLinks party and a member of the European Parliament. She advocates a stricter European legislation against the commerce of “conflict resources” that is not based on voluntariness and self-certification.


"A mobile phone would cost 2000 euros if we would make the value chain transparent."

Harald Welzer (member of the jury, Berlin) is a social psychologist, founder and director of the non-profit organization “Futurzwei”. He is an honorary professor at the University of Flensburg and an author (“Climate Wars").


"The outdated system of aid organizations leads to dependency and ignores sustainability."

Saran Kaba Jones (member of the jury, Berlin) founder of FACE Africa in 2009, an aid agency, providing several regions in Liberia with drinking water. The Guardian listed her as one of the 25 most successful women in Africa. The World Economic Forum in Davos has chosen her to be the Young Global Leader.


"The corporations that dominate this world have no interest in making human rights truly universal."

Jean Ziegler (expert) is a Swiss sociologist and one of the best-known globalization critics worldwide. He is a member of the advisory committee of the United Nations Human Rights Council and is a specialist in the role of the World Bank and the strategies of a consciously used "poverty policy".