"Why is it surprising that state structures are disintegrating when corruption has become a national institution?"

Colette Braeckman (member of the jury, Bukavu / Berlin) is a correspondent for the Belgian newspaper Le Soir in Africa. She is an expert on the Congolese war, its history and the involvement of the European governments. Her books about the Mobutu-Era and the Congolese war are considered as standard works.


"The current mining legislation in the DR Congo is simply the French version of what was written by the World Bank."

Vital Kamerhe (witness and expert, Bukavu / Berlin) is a well-known politician in the DR Congo and presidential candidate. He is considered one of the most severe critic of the government of Joseph Kabila, for whom he worked as political advisor.


"The origin of evil is not in the Congolese state, but in the people themselves."

Marcellin Cishambo Ruhoya (witness and expert, Bukavu) was a political advisor to President Joseph Kabila. In 2006 he became governor of the province of South Kivu.


"The corporations that dominate this world have no interest in making human rights truly universal."

Jean Ziegler (expert) is a Swiss sociologist and one of the best-known globalization critics worldwide. He is a member of the advisory committee of the United Nations Human Rights Council and is a specialist in the role of the World Bank and the strategies of a consciously used "poverty policy".