10 days before the official release of WITNESS J & THE HEARINGS at DOK Neuland 2017, the official trailer has been published. The testimony of the anonymous witness J. leads straight into the heart of darkness and allows us to experience close-up from a victim’s perspective the madness which ultimately lead to the Congo Tribunal. WITNESS J is an innovative hybrid of interactive  graphic novel and documentary game. A digital first-person experience in three-dimensional space. On the basis of real events, human destinies and substantiated testimonies, the user ventures through the maelstrom of this Kafkaesque story, and on his journey discovers more and more direct connections to the staged realism of the CONGO TRIBUNAL.

WITNESS J is created in collaboration with the Congolese artist and political illustrator Kayene, who acted as court draftsman during the hearings in East Congo and the Game Development Studio Monokel.

The Congo Tribunal Transmedia is funded by the TURN Fund of the KULTURSTIFTUNG DES BUNDES.